Team trained Managing your calls Considerable savings

Team trained in telework

We have a team of trained virtual assistants who can help you with your daily administrative tasks remotely.

Managing your calls

Don't miss any more calls from your customers during these difficult times. Transfer your line to our agents and we will take your calls.

Considerable savings

Make huge savings with our packages. Choose the package that meets your needs. Our rates are suitable for all budgets.

The coronavirus caught us off guard with its numerous consequences. It has disrupted our lives and affected our day-to-day operations. Faced with this small giant that terrorizes us on a daily basis, companies must find solutions to ensure the continuity of their activities, but also their survival. What is most appalling is that we don’t know when this little monster will disappear from our lives. This monster, which does not differentiate between rich, poor and small, developed and underdeveloped countries, inevitably leads to new ways of working. The word home office or telework is a recurring term that we have been hearing every day since the outbreak of this pandemic. Faced with this new situation, the only solution remains teleworking, but also to resort to what is called a virtual assistant. We are fortunate to have learned how to work remotely and we work from Senegal for clients abroad as virtual assistants. So, we can bring you the solutions your company needs.

We can take care of all the tasks of your company without exception. Whether it is to respond to your customers, to carry out administrative or accounting tasks, Internet research, we have a team of well-trained young people who can take care of these tasks. So, know that we are here to help you in this ordeal. Let us help each other. Together, we will defeat this little giant.


  • Take your calls
  • Handling incoming and outgoing emails from your clients
  • Make or confirm appointments
  • Ensure the transcription of your audio/video files
  • Assisting with the translation of your documents
  • Ensuring data entry
  • Organize your files
  • Send quotes or invoices to your customers
  • To summarize, we perform all your administrative tasks
  • Non-exhaustive list



We are Sensolutions Global (SSG), a start-up company created by and for young Senegalese people with the mission to reduce youth unemployment by training them in jobs in demand on the international market. It is clear that the education that our young people receive is not in adequacy with the needs of Senegalese and global companies.

We have developed an approach based on the practice of business needs. In other words, by entrusting us with your projects, you contribute to reducing youth unemployment. Entrust us with all your administrative tasks and focus on the essential, the development of your business.